Exactly Right Network News!

Today’s the day!

We FINALLY get to proudly announce the very first slate of podcasts joining Exactly Right. Listen to today's special My Favorite Murder minisode to hear clips from each podcast, and be sure to subscribe wherever the hell you listen to podcasts.

Ok, ready?!


We have hand-picked the following shows because we love them so very much and we know you will, too.

My Favorite Murder. Of course.

The Fall Line is a true crime serial podcast focused on cold cases from marginalized communities in the Southeast. The new season comes out tomorrow and there are over 20 episodes to binge right now.

This Podcast Will Kill You covers a different disease in each episode from its history, its biology and how scared you need to be of it. There’s a new episode out today and a ton of past episodes you can freak yourself out with now!

Do You Need a Ride? is the (first? We think it’s the first) mobile sound studio-recorded podcast (aka it's recorded in a car). Hosted by Chris Fairbanks and Karen Kilgariff, new episodes are coming on Monday but you can listen to 100+ past eps right this very moment.

The Purrrcast is hosted by our very own mustachioed Steven Ray Morris and Sara Iyer. They talk to cat people cause they can't talk to their cats. Meow.

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Georgia & Karen